The moment we got off the plane we got the feel for the city: A whole section of slot machines!! 

We decided to have our first view of the city via Limo ride! 
The limo driver was a hot-headed, Vegas-bred, hilarious man!
He know one of the guy on Pawn Stars and he took us to all three locations. 

On the way to our hotel there was a huge tricked-out bike gathering, that took up most of the strip! It was pretty cool to see, and they kept looking at the limo like there was someone important inside. 

Our room at the Marriott Grand Chateau wasn't ready, so we had lunch and got a little tipsy by the rooftop pool...
On the trip it was me, Alyssa, her mother, step father, uncle Nick, aunt Jen, and Jen's boyfriend Mark... 
They are all in their 40s and it was a real treat to listen to them reminisce about their childhoods, hear about their crazy teenage years, learn from their mistakes when it comes to marriage, and the complaints they had about my generation. 

We toured, Aria, Cosmopolitan , and Miracle Mile Mall which led to Planet Hollywood
In Planet Hollywood we saw Jeff Dunham, who, by the way, WAS AMAZING! I haven't laughed that hard in such a long time.. 
He is smart, he constantly tries new material he writes to have a different show every night, the jokes that get the most laughs gets added into his show.. So, about every 8 months or so he has a completely new show, which will go on his TV specials. 

We stopped by the Bellagio Fountain, which was absolutely beautiful! 

<-- Coyote Ugly for Alyssa's first legal drink!!!
Aaaaaand I danced on the bar!!!!