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Heeeellllooooo Amsterdam!

Gimme Shelter was playing as we boarded the plane to Amsterdam! 

And of course it started to rain as we were waiting on the runway. It was like a wave goodbye from Ireland.

Mom warned us that when landing in Amsterdam, because it's below sea level, our ears will feel like they are going to explode. 
Thankfully mine didn't. 
Unfortunately, Alyssa's did. 

Anxiety was very high trying to figure out how to get to our hotel. 
Alyssa kept it together like a friggin champ! She got us there in one, really sweaty, piece. 

I think it's interesting that in Europe, to make a big bed, they just put two little ones together and use one fitted sheet... I HATE that they don't have a second sheet, they just have the comforter. Talk about unsanitary! And, not to mention, really hard to wash!

Today, we decided that we were going to tackle Vondelpark and the red light district. 
And then tomorrow the plan was to get up at the butt-crack of dawn and wait in the ridiculously long line for the Anne Frank House.
When we looked up the time it opened, Alysa found 2 passes for 7:40 today!!! 
Sooooo change of plans. We went today! I could barely contain my excitement! 

The restaurants don't open until 5:00
So, we decided to take a walk in the park. 

It was 65 degrees here. 
It has been 45 in Dublin all week. 
Needless to say, we were in shorts and tank tops to celebrate! 

65 really isn't that warm.. about 10 minutes into our walk to the park we both just stopped and looked at each other and turned to go back and change into pants. 

The park was lovely.. it was a fresh breath of straight marijuana... 

We made it into town at 5:15 and saw a restaurant named "The Bulldog", which of course I had to check out. 
I was unaware that this was the place to smoke. They gave you a free sample at the bar! [No, I did not have any while here, sue me]
At the bulldog, I ordered a bacon cheeseburger. 
Which came on the toastiest bun.. that pretty much fell apart as I tried to bite it.. BREAD SHOULDN'T CRUMBLE! 
But, I guess when you are high, it doesn't matter. 

We walked along the canals and decided to sit and watch as interesting people passed us by in their boats.
All of them drunk...
One man on the boat named The Lovers saw us and stood up and flashed us. Why? I haven't the slightest clue, but thanks dude, nice chest hair. 
Another yell "veryyy niiice.... SHOW ME YOUR BOOBS!"
I'm really disappointed that I had nothing clever to yell back. 

After the shadows came over where we were sitting, we got up and found our way to the Anne Frank House!!! 

I still cannot believe I was there! 
Walking through it was something out of a dream.. totally surreal and breathtaking! 

We were too exhausted to walk to the red light district so we walked back to our hotel. 

Tomorrow, we are renting bikes!!!  

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