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Day 1: 

Lyft took 22 minutes, traffic only almost killed us three times. The view of the mountains and bay were amazing though.

Our Airbnb (and Sue) are the cutest things ever! We have the upstairs bedroom and bathroom to ourselves. Sue is a plant wizard and I want to be her when I grow up.

We went to the Front Porch for diner. Sat outside underneath these heaters that, if my mother were with us, she wouldn't have stopped raving about.

By some twist of fait we got free corn bread and a free wedge salad. Our burgers were to DIE FOR!

Tried fried Okra - that was amazing "not filling"

Pro-tip. If ya ass is in the middle sear and you've never been able to sleep on the plane before, take a sleeping pill to fly to Cali. Bianca was about to lose her shit with 2 hours left in the flight.

We went HARD climbing all over the streets, in hindsight, probably shouldn't have done that the FIRST night. 

Day 2:

Woke up @ 5:30am because fuck time zone changes

Ate some apples

Don't use instant coffee as coffee grounds. B says "Sh*t don't work"

Sitting outside to have some coffee is a must if the weather is bearable

Went on a hike to the surprise I was planning for last night but it got to dark. Esmerelda Slide Park is like an adult sized fun place but absolutely was made for children. We childish

They LOVED it

Hiked up Bernal Heights Park and got an AMAZING view of the city and even the Golden Gate Bridge.

Ate breakfast at Al's Place - not a single other soul honestly thought about leaving, one of the best breakfasts EVER

Went to the UNDRGRND to get tattoos! Fox was our artist, an absolute DOLL.

Lyfted over to Alamo Park to see the painted Ladies "The full house, house"

Got coffee from the Falcon Coffee Club - super awesome coffee and service

After that we walked around the neighborhood and I decided that I would like to draw some of the more intricately designed entry ways.

We went shopping on Hayes Street- absolutely wonderful shops! 

Record store, B8TA (saw all the technology of the future!) some fun botiques, therapy store, 3 thrift shops

Saw the city capital building, got followed by a homeless man

Ate dinner at 4:30 like a few ole' bitties at Tacolicious - holy shit some of the best tacos, guac, queso and chicken I've ever had and all 3 of us ate for $24!

Did some more shopping on Valenica

Lyfted back home and took another 40 minute hike around the neighborhood finding fun entry ways to capture.

As I write this there are cats mating outside our window. Sounds super fucking painful.

2530 calories, 7 miles, 67 minutes of exercise, 60 flights of stairs, 15,375 steps.

Day 3:

7:30 am out the door

8:00 breakfast @ ___ with Parv! She drove in to hangout and hike with us today!

9:00 could not figure out how the hell to get into the Golden Gate State Park (start from the most eastern entrance

9:20 made it to Bison Paddock - very underwhelming especially since I've had a Bison's head in my car before *temp was changing the entire day, layers are a must. 

9:40 drove over to the Fire Pits and got to enjoy the Pacific Ocean

made a friend a little girl would wanted to play fetch

10:30 drove over to the Holocaust Memorial.. it was this chillingly beautiful sulpture of a prisoner stuck behind the wired fence while dead bodies were piled behind him. The whole place was surrounded by flowers and there was a message of never giving up hope.

10:45 started out Land's End hike

first of all it goes through a random golf course if you don't start at the official entrance. Be very aware it is a major hike and after all of it you have to walk back up to the golf hill. You may seriously regret it. That friggin hill was my Everest!

but we went the wrong way at first but we did get to a beautiful view of the whole Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge

I was in a desperate search for the labrynth and we came up over the hill and I didn't see anything but a weird concrete circle.

It took everything in me not to cry

thank god I looked on google maps before we turned around because it was on the other side of the cliff. The waves crashing, the wind blowing, and the fact that not a single person joined me was one of the those "connected to the universe" moments. I felt very whole.


12:30 tried to get an upclose and personal view of the Golden Gate Bridge but since it was Memorial Day weekend it was JAM PACKED so that didn't really work.

1:20 Parv dropped us off in Fisherman's Warf which is the touristy place of anywhere I've seen - found my pin and ate at Cioppinos- it was pretty good -- sittin outside was great for people watching. Shop first because all the businesses try and help each other out and we could have saved 15% on our meal at if we shopped first.

Windiest road in the country?

Took a dope-ass nap when we got home

Feeling recharged we went to 24th street in the missions district

Sassy cat bookstore and gallery is so cute lots of vanity and a lot of local artist support

We saw a cart that said "plants ready for adoption" and then decided to check out the store

a shop as big as a bedroom with two racks of clothes din't seam noteworthy. BUT the music that was playing spoke to my freaking soul and I tried to Shazaam it and nothing came up so I asked the guy who it was and he tuned around with this giant smile on his face and said "me!"


He restarted the song and we danced like no one was watching, completely connected  and some of the purest vibes ever felt. I couldn't stop smiling. My heart was on fire. Sunru.

Had some killer authentic Mexican Burritos that set my whole body on fire.

Had ice cream from Humphry's 

SO we got a Lyft home by a guy named Loren who was kind enough to tell us a story that I would truly love to illustrate.

At 2am a tall, white, long blonde haired man was seen standing on a street corner, dressed in a long sleeved, matching top and bottom, red polka dot pajamas.. bearfoot, holding an empty bird cage just starring into the sky.

Soo homless and crazy? bird got out? got in a fight with the wife and left with just the bird and then it flew away

13566 steps

2685 calories

6.2 miles

47 minutes of exercise

48 flights of stairs

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